Our Vision

Ever since the first schools in ancient Greece or China, education has always been based on a teacher transferring knowledge collectively to a whole class of students.

Yet we believe that every student is unique in his or her own way - one might learn effectively through looking at infographics, while others might prefer rote learning.

Every student deserves the right to personalized learning which accommodates different learning styles.

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CNY Academic Bootcamp

Available for English and Chinese Subject

A 3-day exam-oriented camp designed for students who need to be trained up intensively rather than learning disciplinarily on a regular basis. During the camp, we will tailor a particular path and set of learning materials for different students using Preface Generator. We aim to improve their understanding of certain academic topics as well as their learning attitude.


Customised Learning Materials

To create the most customized learning materials for individual learners, Preface Academy uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) notes generator to evaluate each learner’s performance and help teachers design adaptive note sets and the best learning paths for every learner.


Individual Guidance

With the abundant amount of data and study behaviour we have collected, we associate students with similar learning problems and apply the solutions which helped them evolve. As a result, the teaching materials, instructional method, and pace of learning for each learner are unique as determined by machine learning.

Course Details

Pre and Post-camp evaluation ・ Small class lectures ・ On-site Practices

Grade: Primary 4 to Primary 6 students

Date: Feb 21th to 23th

Time: 09:00 - 12:30 (3.5 hours)

Price: HKD$2,080

*25% off for existing students

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Holidays Special

CNY Science Bootcamps (Age 4+)

With reference to experiential learning adopted in international schools, students get to learn more about science in a relaxing and interactive way during holidays. Students will put on a set of lab coat and goggles, and have hands-on experience of conducting experiments and looking into the culture of various science topics. This curiosity-infused learning environment helps develop students’ acquisitive skills and the ability to question the surroundings.


Course Details and Topics

Acid and Base ・ Density ・ Crystalization ・ Electricity ・ Living Green ・ Light and Vision

The course will take place on Feb 21th to 23th consecutively; with each session being 2.5 hours per day.

It will be priced at HKD$2,220.

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